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Promoting Social Responsibility & Community
Giveback through Athletics

Annual Golf Outing


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The Foundation’s Participation, Advocacy, Research and Leadership programs are made possible by individual, foundation and corporate contributions.

Teaming Up with the W20 Foundations Project: Team Up 4 Community gives you and your organization the opportunity to invest in the character and development of today's young athletes, aspiring leaders and communities at large. Our mission is simple: by highlighting and rewarding social responsibility and community giveback, young athletes will learn life skills that in turn build strong character by increasing their self-confidence and promoting responsibility and independence.

If your organization...

  • Cares deeply about assisting today’s youth to build strong character habits to solve the increasingly challenging problems that they face by growing up more socially responsible
  • Stands up for being an invaluable resource to young people, all athletes, aspiring leaders and communities at large
  • Believes in the long-term benefits of community service and giveback
  • Applauds athletes for being influential agents of change...

Then we need you to join our team!

3 Reasons to Partner with TU4C:

A Purpose Filled Mission

Team Up 4 Community builds strong character in today’s youth through sports.

  • We are founded by former NHL player Steve Webb to bring an invaluable resource to young people, all athletes, aspiring leaders and communities at large.
  • We engage athletes and organizations to become actively involved in community giveback.
  • We promote responsibility and independence in today’s youth.
  • We give a voice to all athletes and organizations involved in promoting social responsibility.

Cause Related Marketing

2007 Cone Cause Evolution Survey shows 86% of Americans consider a company's commitment to social issues when deciding which companies to give their business. Aligning with the Team Up 4 Community Project will positively impact your corporate image and change the lives of our future generations.

Diversified Partnerships

Our partnerships provide multiple philanthropic and cause marketing opportunities. From Bike Rides to Ball Hockey Tournaments, Run/Walks, Video Sports Challenges and Yearly Award Banquets, we offer a diverse range of national and local opportunities. Our marketing team has sponsorship programs to obtain a perfect match with your company objectives.

For More Information:

Team Up for Community Events

If your organization supports the vision of the Foundation and understands the importance of cause-related marketing, please review our national, local, and event partnership opportunities, then Contact Us:

Teresa Webb | Executive Director
W20 Foundation’s Project: Team Up 4 Community
PO Box 310
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
Phone: (866) 206-9168
Fax: (631) 207-8313
Email: info@w20foundation.org